2023 International Conference on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Technology(IoTCCT 2023)


Keynote Speakers


Prof. Wanyang Dai, Nanjing University, China

Profile:Wanyang Dai is a Distinguished Professor in Mathematics Department of Nanjing University, Chief Scientist at Su Xia Control Technology, President and CEO of U.S. based (blochchain and quantum computing) SIR Forum (Industial 6.0 Forum), a Special Guest Expert in Jiangsu FinTech Research Center, President of Jiangsu Probability & Statistics Society, Chairman of Jiangsu Big Data-Blockchain and Smart Information Special Committee, Chief Scientist at Depths Digital Economy Research Institute, and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Advances in Applied Mathematics, where his research includes stochastic processes related optimization and optimal control, admission/scheduling/routing protocols and performance analysis/optimization for various projects in BigData-Blockchain oriented quantum-cloud computing and the next generation of wireless and wireline communication systems, forward/backward stochastic (ordinary/partial) differential equations and their applications to queueing systems, stochastic differential games, communication networks, Internet of Things, financial engineering, energy and power engineering, etc. His “influential” achievements are published in “big name” journals including Quantum Information Processing, Operational Research, Operations Research, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, Communications in Mathematical Sciences, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Queueing Systems, Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Dynamical Systems, etc. His researches are awarded as outstanding papers by various academic societies, e.g., IEEE Top Conference Series, etc.. He received his Ph.D degree in applied mathematics jointly with industrial engineering and systems engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, U.S.A., in 1996, where he worked on stochastics and applied probability concerning network performance modeling and analysis, algorithm design and implementation via stochastic diffusion approximation. The breakthrough results and methodologies developed in his thesis were cited, used, and claimed as “contemporaneous and independent” achievements by some other subsequent breakthrough papers that were presented as “45 minute invited talk in probability and statistics” in International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) 1998, which is the most privilege honor in the mathematical society. The designed finite element-Galerkin algorithm to compute the stationary distributions of reflecting Brownian motions (weak solutions of general dimensional partial differential equations) is also well-known to the related fields.

He was a permant scientist and researcher (MTS) in End-to-End Network Architecture Department of AT&T Bell Labs (now called Nokia Bell Labs), Atlanta, GA and Warren, NJ, U.S.A., from 1996-1999, where he was principal investigators and developers of several projects in telecommunication network architecture and design, network performance and financial engineering, operating system and database development to support various intelligent engines/models for strategy planning and big data analytics in a "Plug-in and Play" manner, etc. with some (nowdays called cloud computing) project won "Technology Transfer". He is Editors of over 20 international journals ranging from pure mathematics to its applications (e.g., Wireless Engineering and TechnologyJournal of Applied Mathematics and PhysicsOpen Journal of OptimizationArtificial Intelligence), General Chairs and Plenary/Keynote Speakers of over 40 IEEE and other international conferences. He is (or was) a member (the leader of Stochastic Analysis Group) of Judge Committee in Mathematics of National Natural Science Awards of China.He was a visiting scholar in Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science of China, Beijing, China, in 2001, a Long Term Participant of IMA Annual Program of Probability and Statistics in Complex Systems: Financial Engineering, Communication Networks and Genomics in Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA), Minneapolis, U.S.A., in 2004, a visiting professor in Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management in Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, in 2007.

Nagaraja G.S.png

Pro.Nagaraja G.S, Visweswariah Technological University (VTU), India

Profile:His research interests include computer networks, networks management, wireless networks, cloud computing, Internet of things, computer architecture, storage optimization and multimedia communications. Supervised 08 PhD Students in the domain of computer networks and allied research areas. Presently supervising 06 Research scholars. He has published more than 150 research articles in referred International Journal / Conferences. Completed a major research project sanctioned by the University Grant Commission titled a. "Effective Multimedia Information retrieval using Indexing Technique" b. “Solar Ironing Cart “sanctioned by the National Institute of advanced studies IIsc, collaboratively with EEE Department for the academic year-2020. c. Collaborative development project on Silkworm Seed production sanctioned by Central Silk Board-2021. He has been involved in a number of conferences, workshops in various capacities such as General chair, Technical chair, Co-chair and technical programme committee /   organizing member. ISTE presented a National Award "Rajarambapu Patil" for promising engineering teacher for the creative work done in technical education. Cisco presented an advanced level instructor excellence recognition (2013, 2015) for his contributions RVCE-CISCO networking academy.