2024 2nd International Conference on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Technology (IoTCCT 2024)

TPC - Pinqun Jiang, Guangxi Normal University, China


Assoc. Prof. Pinqun Jiang, Guangxi Normal University, China 


Mainly focused on smart grid research, he has completed the Guilin Science and Technology Development Project on "Key Technologies Research and Development of Intelligent Solar Street Light Control System" as well as the Guangxi Information Science Experimental Center Open Project on "Design of Multi-channel High-voltage Direct Current Power Supply Based on Adaptive Control". Currently, he is leading the sub-topic of the Guangxi Science and Technology Major Special Project on "Development of Highly Integrated Low-power Intelligent Electronic Detonator and Computer Management Software System". Additionally, he contributed to the completion of the Guangxi Natural Science Foundation General Project on "Modeling of Energy Internet Structure in Photovoltaic Microgrid System and Research on Synchronous Performance" and "Research on N-channel Filter of Multi-mode Multi-frequency Receiver RF Front End". He has authored over 40 SCI and EI papers, co-authored three monographs, obtained more than 10 invention patents, and 30 utility model patents. Furthermore, he was honored with the Second Prize for Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award.