2024 2nd International Conference on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Technology (IoTCCT 2024)

Conference Chair - Kun Yang, Nanjing University, China(European Academy of Sciences Fellow,IEEE/IET Fellow)


Kun Yang, Nanjing University, China

(European Academy of Sciences Fellow,IEEE Fellow,IET Fellow,BCS Fellow,Distinguished Member of ACM)


Kun Yang received his PhD from the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering of University College London (UCL), UK. He is currently a Distinguished Chair Professor Nanjing University, China. He is also an affiliated professor in the School of Computer Science & Electronic Engineering, University of Essex, UK, leading the Network Convergence Laboratory (NCL). His main research interests include wireless networks and communications, future Internet and edge computing. In particular he is interested in energy aspects of future communication systems such as 6G and AI for wireless networks. He has published 400+ papers and filed 30 patents. He serves on the editorial boards of a number of IEEE journals (e.g., IEEE TNSE, TVT, ComMag, WCL). He is a Deputy Editor-in-Chief of IET Smart Cities Journal. He has been a Judge of GSMA GLOMO Award at World Mobile Congress – Barcelona since 2019. He was a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE ComSoc (2020-2021).

He is a Member of Academia Europaea (MAE), a Fellow of IEEE, a Fellow of IET and a Distinguished Member of ACM.

南京大学国家特聘教授,国家海外高层次人才入选者,博士生导师。他于英国伦敦大学学院UCL电子与电气工程系获得工学博士,吉林大学计算机科学系本硕。他的主要研究兴趣包括:无线网络和通信、通信-计算-感知的融合、AI技术赋能网络和通信等。在国际核心期刊和主要会议发表论文400多篇, 多国专利30多件。曾承担10多项欧盟和英国国家科学基金项目,牵头中国NSFC重点项目3项,并获包括省部级科学技术一等奖在内的多项奖项。IEEE InterCloud创始成员及六个执行常委之一,世界移动大会WMC GSMA GLOMO大奖(业界著名的巴奖)的评审专家,多个IEEE 期刊副编辑(如ComMag, TNSE, TVT, WCL),IET Smart Cities 期刊副主编,IEEE通信协会杰出演讲者。杨鲲教授是欧洲科学院(Academia Europaea)院士MAE,IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow, 英国计算机协会BCS Fellow, ACM杰出科学家。