2024 2nd International Conference on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Technology (IoTCCT 2024)

Publicity Chair - Prof. Zhi Li, Guangxi Normal University, China (Vice Dean)


Prof. Zhi Li, Guangxi Normal University, China  (Vice Dean/CCF Distinguished Member、IEEE/ACME Senior member)


Prof. Zhi Li is a distinguished member of China Computer Federation (CCF), standing committee member of its Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE), and a member of its Technical Council on Systems Software and Formal Methods. He graduated with a BSc degree from Fudan University in 1991, an MSc degree from the University of York in 2004, and a PhD degree from The Open University in 2008. Prof. Li had spent over 10 years doing professional and technical work before he entered academia in 2001, with subsequent 9 years in the UK. His research interests are modeling, verifying, testing and validating Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) or Internet of Things (IoT) systems based on Problem Frames, and Human-Computer Interaction. His research has been sponsored by 2 grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 4 grants from Ministry of Education of China, Guangxi Natural Science Foundation, and Guangxi Scientific Research & Technological Development. He has published over 50 research papers (including 3 CCF-A papers and 3 best papers). He has given over 10 invited talks at academic conferences.